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Congratulations on making the decision to focus on bettering yourself for LIFE! From this point on, it's all about making healthy choices to help develop a healthier lifestyle.

Below you will find resources to help you get started to help you along your journey.

Click the links below to get you started and on your way to crushing this challenge!

Click above to find all the tools you will be using throughout the challenge. 

Click above to complete your initial health screening along with how to take and where to submit your BEFORE photos.  Both are due to Kristy by Wednesday, November 16.

If you have not done so already, schedule about a couple minutes for Kristy or Liza to take your measurements. You can have this done before or after class, during a personal coaching session or during another time more convenient for you. Be sure to schedule this time with Kristy or Liza to be sure either one will be available. They will be measuring your body and taking your weight. Measurements are due by Wednesday, Sept 27.

Planning your workouts ahead of time takes the stress out of figuring when you will be getting your workouts in. The goal is to get 4 STRONG Nation classes or 4 high intensity classes (combination of STRONG, bootcamp, strength, Tabata, etc.), 1 low impact workout, 1 bonus workout for the week (can be Sprints or any low impact workout) and 1 rest day. Click above for a guide on what workouts you need to complete for the week. Your workout schedule is due to Kristy by Sunday, September 24.

Here you will find everything you need to follow during the next 8 weeks. Our goal is to TRACK caloric intake and your specific macros given to you by Kristy, LIMIT added sugar, LOWER sodium intake, LOWER or ELIMINATE bad fat and eating a WELL BALANCED meal. How do we do this? Logging our calories in MyFitnessPal and reading labels. Click here to find all the information you need to guide you. 

Register for our Hot Cocoa 5K Run/Walk open to anyone! Bring your family, friends, fur babies and let's kick off our Fall 5k Run/Walk with a BANG! The Run/Walk is Saturday, Oct 21 at 9am. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided after the run/walk! Location at Summit Trail, 5700 S Archer Rd, Summit.

Find us on Spotify! Click above to listen!

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