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Workout Schedule

Workout Schedule Requirements:

4 STRONG Nation OR a combination of INTENSE Strength/HIIT classes classes in one week- 30min or 60min classes

MUST BE SPACED OUT​ with one full day (24 hours) between STRONG Classes

--These classes can be:

●  In Person- Gym

●  Personal Coaching (Not included in Challenge price)

●  On Demand (avail 24-7)-you can find this here

●  Combination of Bootcamp, Strength, Tabata, Kickboxing, etc.

1 Low Impact Class at least one class in one week- 60min class

--These classes can be:

●  In Person- Gym

●  On Demand (avail 24-7)-you can find this here 

●  Can be Zumba, COMMIT, Swimming, Cycle/Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Barre-anything that isn't too strenuous on the joints

1  SPRINT Workout or another low impact class on days you do NOT do STRONG Nation/High Intensity classes.​

● Sprint Workouts WITH weights CLICK HERE

● Sprint Workouts WITHOUT weights CLICK HERE

*OPTIONAL*Additional workouts: In-person/On Demand

▪  Zumba


▪  Bootcamp/Total Body

▪  Booty/Abs Focus

▪  Other

1 COMPLETE Day of REST - no workouts that will elevate your heart rate- recovery workouts are encouraged!

Example Week: 



Walk Belvee-30 min

Bonus Workout

Walk Belvee-30 min

9am Zumba

Personal Coaching

9am SN

7pm SN (Lyons)

7:45pm Yoga

7pm Strength

STRETCH- On Demand

Walk Belvee-30 min


To get your downloadable workout calendar, CLICK HERE.

Please submit your completed workout calendar below:

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