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Let's get real for a minute.  Taking your before photos SUCKS. There really is no sugar coating it. But it's another way to hold you accountable as well as give you a starting point to the challenge. You have a starting point to COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOURSELF and not to others. THIS!!! THIS is so important. Yes, we all have social media figures we want to look like...*cough* JLo *cough* but realistically, comparing yourself to someone who literally makes millions of dollars on her looks most likely invests in the BEST trainers, the BEST equipment and the BEST team to keep her looking in tip top shape..after all, it is her brand-her source of income. 

So let's take these photos and BE PROUD because this is your starting point. Keep your photos close to remind yourself you will get those results you will be working so hard to achieve and don't forget to send them to Kristy, where they will be kept super safe, locked away in her files where the only person who has access to them is Kristy. Why does she hold on to them? Not only for accountability but to compare at the end of the challenge when you send the after photos. :) Please note these photos will NEVER be posted on social media or my website unless given permission by the person in the photo to post. 

Use the guide below to help you take your before and after photos. Be sure to take at least 3 photos:




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