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STRONGER Together Challenge

Common Questions:

Q: What are the dates of the Challenge?

A: The challenge begins Monday, January 10- Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Q: What are the guidelines for the challenge?

A: Very similar to the STRONG Together Challenge-you will need to complete at least 4 STRONG classes (virtual, in-person or on-demand) per week as well as a low impact workout and a bonus workout and follow the Nutritional Guide that is given to you. You will also have challenges to complete for the week. You are also required to check in with Kristy throughout the challenge and get weighed every week by Kristy.

Q: What makes this  bootcamp different from the STRONGER Together Challenge?

A:  Although the name is similar, the materials you will receive are not.  In addition to a more detailed nutrition guide and workout regime, you will also have access to community support, an accountability coach to help you stay on track and to utilize for support, recipes and more. You will also have access to a challenge group and additional workouts and weekly challenges and videos that are exclusive to those participating in the challenge. You will also be required to do weigh-ins every week.

Q: What does the challenge include?

A: Challenge includes a nutritional guide, healthy recipes, bonus workouts, before and after photo guide, an accountability coach, community support, challenge workouts, ALL virtual, on-demand and pre-recorded classes for the entire 8 weeks as well as someone to hold you accountable to your workouts during the entire bootcamp.

Q: What if I don't know  if I will have time to dedicate to this challenge?

A: The challenge is setup so that if you can not attend in-person or virtual classes, you can still take the on-demand classes to count towards your workout.  All extra workouts will be recorded so that you can access on your own time!

Q: How much does the bootcamp cost?

A: There are a couple options-you can sign up for personal coaching sessions with Kristy ($35 per session) to receive a discounted rate. If you choose not to do personal coaching sessions, the challenge alone costs $100. This is just $12.50/week!

Q: Who is this  8-Week Challenge for?

A: This challenge is perfect for any individual looking for extra support to help hold themselves accountable during the challenge. These individuals might have tried diets and challenges in the past but was never successful due to the lack of accountability. This challenge differs because not only does it provide tools to help make the challenge successful but there is also that accountability follow-up from coach Kristy. You also get to compete with others that are enrolled in the challenge to help keep you motivated during the 8 weeks. At the end, the participant with the best results wins a prize! Understand that this is an investment towards a healthier lifestyle and not just a program you sign up for. In order to get results, you will need to work for it! Let Kristy help you get there! 

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Through the "Plans and Pricing" section or by clicking 

Q: What if  I still have questions?

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