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Nutritional Guide


Make sure to take the time to review the Nutritional Guide completely. Great information such as:

  • Base Nutrition Guide

  • Meal Prep Guidelines

  • Recipes

Make sure to get a good understanding of what food groups to stick to and include a good variety of food. Meal prepping is extremely helpful and will help you stick to your goals.  It may seem a little overwhelming at first but it is definitely helpful! 

80% FOOD, 20% Exercise

Keep in mind the focus on what you eat should be a priority. Have you ever heard of the expression, "you are what you eat"? This is TRUE! Fuel your body with rich, nutritious food so that you can sustain your energy throughout the day and to get the most out of your workouts. Gone are the days you tell yourself, "If I take 2 fitness classes today, I'll be able to eat a pizza"! That isn't how your body all. We need to get a good understanding of what our body needs in order to keep it functioning well. During the next 6 weeks, continue to keep an open mind and educate yourself with nutrition. Once the bootcamp starts, you will have access to all kinds of nutrition information to continue to educate you and to help you develop a basic knowledge to make healthier choices, not only for you but for your family too. 

Resources to Help You Stick To Your Goals:

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